165 gr 30 06 loads

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165 gr 30 06 loads

Two of the old reliable powders often used are IMR specifically designed for the. IMR is most often combined with lighter bullets, up to grains, while IMR is normally used with bullets from grains up. These are still fine powders in the. In fact, many of the less expensive bullets on the market will expand less violently thus saving meatkill just as well and perhaps better, because they won't expand too early and shoot plenty flat when started at 2, fps or so.

A load of around Recoil will be reduced enough that even the most sensitive of shoulders can usually handle the load. If you want the maximum muzzle velocity with grain bullets, to flatten trajectory as much as possible when hunting game like pronghorn, deer or caribou, I've found Ramshot Big Game to be an excellent choice.

With a charge of around Some of today's premium bullets in the to grain range will do for about any job required of the. A charge of about Accuracy will normally be outstanding.

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The one problem with IMR, however, is that it tends to be relatively temperature-sensitive. I have chronographed some IMR handloads that lost up to fps between 70 and zero Fahrenheit. This doesn't really make any difference in "killing power," but it can affect point of impact. I've seen impact shift up to 3 inches at yards between those two temperatures — or stay exactly the same. But you won't know unless you test your handloads at low temperatures. Create an Account.

.30-06 and 165gr Bullets, what powder?

Wolfe Publishing Group. Become a Load Data member.

Deer Hunting Hell's Canyon White Tail Vs 30-06 165 Grain SST Idaho 2016

Forgot Your Password? The Ultimate Reloading Manual. Date: Feb 26 You must be a subscriber to see the full article. Subscribe Today!Log in or Sign up. As mentioned in the. Picked up a great deal on a M70 FW that hasn't been shot since bought in Will load it lightly initially with the intent of building up my wife's recoil tolerance until she can handle gr loads.

I'm thinking IMR or Varget. Dr Ray likes this. I am almost finished my first load: gr hornady BTSP over Regarding recoil, I noted that the Hornady manual starting loads were much lower 48gr than Lee 56gr for gr over IMR So, if you go with Hornady I believe you will get lighter loads to start. PherozeJun 21, CoElkHunter and Dr Ray like this. Last edited by a moderator: May 11, CoElkHunterRick Coxfarrokhrt and 7 others like this.

Last edited: Jun 21, Thanks for the feedbacj gents, seems I'm on the right path. I'll give it all a go. With living in hell's kitchen, it may be a few months before I have a final load. But will update you when I do. Good luck Phil, finding the proper seating depth may be your biggest challenge. CoElkHunter likes this.

I guess that's why we all practice, to get better or to be at least as good as we can be. Joined: Jul 30, Messages: Likes Received: GrumulkinJun 22, In my 30 06 IMR, if you can find it, at Lethal to pass thru out to over yds.

If your rifle will not shoot IMR 57 grs, gr bullet, sell it AreaonerealJun 22, Any suggestions for a gr bullet,my 06 shoots pretty good with the set-up i have but i'm always interested in something new. RobJun 22, Log in or Sign up. Jan 12, 1. Joined: Feb 3, Messages: Does anyone have a fav load for ? They are exact grains I weigh every one. Any input on powder gr and powder type is appreciated.

I also size my cases every time I reload and that has remained constant. I check using my calipers. I use a light to light medium crimp. Thanks all Jeff. Jan 12, 2. Joined: May 11, Messages: Jan 12, 3. When using more gr than what i previously posted, I found that it pushed my POI down an inch or two.

Have you noticed that? Jan 12, 4.

165 gr 30 06 loads

Sometimes more. I know Ken Waters, in his books listed as getting the best accuracy with 55gr, and that makes sense. I haven't noticed a poi shift with the heavier loads. All of my shooting has been with a Model BDL and it is not picky.

165 gr 30 06 loads

I am not a very good shot but with the loads given it shoots tight groups. If I had to pick one bullet that it really likes, it would be the gr Hornady Spire Point, but really it seems to do well with many.

I can't remember a bad load in that gun. In fact I shot a nice whitetail doe this past fall with that load and she went down just as fast as with the many other loads I've used. Jan 12, 5.

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Another load for gr bullets is 48gr of IMR Jan 12, 6. My favorite. Cheaper than the Sierra bullets, but these really shoot well in the ' Really accurate in all of these rifles!

165 gr 30 06 loads

The Sierra and the old Nosler s are really accurate, too. Of course, these loads are no good in the Garand. IMR is a no-go with that gas system.

The M72 loads shoot sub-MOA groups in my custom 'sniper'. These loads are proven safe in my rifles, but you need to safely work up your own data for your loads. Have Fun - I sure did! Jan 12, 7. I have tried them in the past but that was before I got my trimmer and I only shot a few loads I remember the primer starting to flatten and I think that is why I backed down.For a good deal on cheap ammo go to.

It is one of the most famous, and popular, hunting cartridges in the world. It is one of only four cartridges to make the "short list" of all-around hunting cartridges and it is probably the most versatile big game cartridge there is. From jackrabbits to Alaskan moose or brown bear, the. The most common factory loaded bullet weights for the. These are the best bullet weights for almost all medium and big game hunting with the.

The sectional density SD of these three bullet weights is as follows: grain. Using Nosler Partition spitzer bullets for comparison, the ballistic coefficient BC of these bullets is: grain.

The regular factory load for the grain spitzer bullet in the. At yards the figures are 2, fps and 1, ft. Zero this load so that the maximum bullet rise mid-range trajectory is 3 inches, and the average spitzer bullet will not fall 3 inches below the line of sight until it reaches yards. Any load with a maximum point blank range MPBR of yards can take a lot of game. This is the flattest shooting of the standard. The regular.

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The popular grain factory load has a MV of 2, fps and ME of 2, ft. This load will suffice for all thin-skinned big game, given reasonable bullet placement. Reloaders can use bullets weighing from to grains in the. The and grain bullets work well in the. Generally speaking, maximum loads should be reserved for use in bolt action rifles, as lever, pump, and autoloading actions generally lack the camming power to extract stuck cases.

30-06 Springfield 165 gr SST® Superformance®

It is also a good idea to full length resize cases to be used in these actions. Here are some. The Sierra Manual shows that A maximum load of The Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual also shows that All of these Sierra loads used Federal cases and Federal primers, and were chronographed in the 26 inch barrel of a Savage rifle.

Note: A full length article about the.S customized sporters can be found worldwide. Surprisingly, both Remington and Winchester were slow to adopt. Remington finally introduced the Model MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions.

Hold that Forend! Effective Game Killing. Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics. Small Arms Wound Ballistics. The Practical Guide to Reloading.

Rifle Reloading Data

MatchGrade Bedding Products. Video Learning. Military and Police Consulting. Consultation with Nathan Foster. Help us with a donation. Shooting Tutorials. Film And Author Consulting. Book series reviews. YouTube Gallery. Nevertheless in America adopted their first military bolt action rifle, the Norwegian designed Krag Jorgenson. This fired the US designed rimmed.Nightforce has great tracking capabilities, they are rugged, a bunch of elevation, holds zero forever, and reticles are designed for long range shooting.

So if you are looking to shoot long distances constantly, then you need a scope that can take the abuse. Read More. Nightforce is such a solid combo of reticle, available elevation, glass that is good enough to shoot at the longest range you can dial. Nightforce has bullet proof construction that can handle the incidental horse rolling or some other rodeo action.

The total package. Nightforce is the best I have used as far as turret feel and solid detents. I have never had one that didn't track right on and always return to zero. Nightforce NXS is the best value for everything I need. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter scsims Start date Apr 21, I have data for gmx and the gr Sierra SBT and both of them differ by 4 gr of powder. The GMX max is That's a big difference. So I son't know which to use. Does anyone have a Hornady reloading data book or software with the SST? Thanks, Scott. Centxshooter Well-Known Member.

30-06 Springfield 165 gr SST® Superformance®

Joined Feb 27, Messages Book lists the following COAL 3. Nomad Well-Known Member.Print Thread.

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165 gr 30 06 loads

Mule Deer. Velocity and accuracy are very similar, and is also as cold-resistant as H Plus, it contains a decoppering agent, which works. Joined: Feb Deer Park Texas. Hanco, has a bad ankle. You Yanks need to think about being snowed in. NRA Patron member Try to live your life where the preacher doesn't have to lie at your funeral. Joined: Sep Cave Creek, AZ. Originally Posted by Mule Deer. Yeah, there's no reason to change if it ain't broke.

But I didn't try IMR with 's in the. I tried it because my supply of H was running low, and it was just about impossible to find.

Could get IMR but had become addicted to the H version, due to short-cut powders and consistent performance in cold weather. It worked great, so I started switching to IMR, because it's short-cut and cold-resistant--and am glad I did.

Something has been going on with supplies of H over the past few years, aside from the "shortage" created by generally increased demand for shooting supplies. For the past year I've been able to buy IMR pretty easily, along with many other powders that were scarce for a while, including the Ramshot rifle line. But H has been scarce or non-existent in stores and on websites for several years.

Just checked the 5 websites where I buy most of my regular-use powders. So far has worked just as well, if not a little better, in every application.

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