Acetylene cutting torch tips

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Acetylene cutting torch tips

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acetylene cutting torch tips

Updated: August 30, Reader-Approved References. An oxy acetylene torch is an affordable and versatile tool used by many people to heat, weld, solder, and cut metal. It uses extreme heat to function, and setting it up properly is one of the most important steps in using it safely. Using pressure-reducing regulators, connecting gas supplies, and safely lighting the torch flame are all essential parts of learning how to use an oxy acetylene torch. To set up an oxy acetylene torch, start by cleaning any dust or dirt from the valve outlet.

Next, attach the pressure-reducing regulators that allow you to safely start and operate the torch. You'll also need to connect the gas supplies, like the oxygen and the acetylene hoses, to the torch. Once everything is assembled, test the connections for leaks. If there aren't any leaks, then set the correct operating pressure. To learn how to get a neutral, blue flame, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

acetylene cutting torch tips

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Posted with the For your consideration. The torch is a total of 20" long. It comes with a 1 acetylene tip.

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If you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to email me. If you would like more pictures. Please just send me your email address.

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These cutting tips are made by National Torch Tip Co. These cutting tips are not cheap Chinese imports. They fit both Airco and Koike torches. These cutting tips are also in perfect condition. Absolutely no dings on any of the seals.

You will not be disappointed with these cutting tips! National Torch tips are swagged from high quality copper to assure the smoothest possible gas passages for decreased slag accumulation and increased cutting speeds.

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These cutting tips feature a patented design that hand-tightens to form a perfect. Positive seal, and they have the extra safety of in-tip gas mixing.

There are cheaper cutting tips listed on eBay this week.Oxy-fuel safety is a big deal. Of all the welding equipment there is, oxygen acetylene torch equipment training is probably the the most neglected This video and page is not intended to be a complete oxy-fuel safety course You can order it from sites like cyberweld, or weldfabulous but you can also get it on Amazon. Being able to make a good clean cut using an oxygen acetylene Cutting Torch is mostly a matter of using the right size tip, the right gas pressures, and having a steady hand.

There are folks who seem to be able to make a good cut no matter what One size does not fit all when it comes to cutting tips. Use the right size tip for the thickness of metal. The best way is to consult the manufacturers guide. Smith, Victor, Harris, and other well known makers of cutting torches have plenty of information on tip sizes, oxyfuel safety, and setup shutdown procedures on their websites. When you just plain cant get any information for the brand of cutting torch you are using, one way to determine the oxygen pressure is to use a drill index to determine the diameter of the center hole in a cutting tip.

Thats the hole where the high velocity stream comes out to make the cut, Once you know the drill size for the center hole in the cutting tip, you can use a welding reference book like the one in the video to get a ball park idea for pressure needed to make the cut.

Sometimes one tip might be rated for cutting different thicknesses of metal and therefore, have different pressure settings for thicker metal. The Audel Pocket welding reference was recommended to me by someone so I figured I would buy it and check it out to see if I could recommend it. Its actually very good. Its a good very small book with lots of charts for amperage settings, cutting torch tip information, electrode selection etc.

When I can, I order used books from Amazon because I dont mind a note or two or bent pages. I make notes anyway and dog ear the pages too. Anyway, most of the tips are in the video. I think I mentioned something about the drill size being a I think that makes it about a 60 if you are not a metric guy. Hopefully, you got that.

Since I also said it was about. Looking for a good torch tip chart that I could share with you led me to this one at the airgas website. One very important item concerning oxy-fuel safety that I neglected is the fact the high pressure cylinders like oxygen will take off like a rocket if the valve gets knocked off.

Sometimes a concrete wall will not even stop them Cutting Torch Tips. Subscribe To This Site. Copyright WeldingTipsandTricks.Where else do you get to play with fire, cut solid steel like a hot knife through butter, and just generally pretend to be a bad ass for a moment in time. When I first used a cutting torch I will be honest, I was a little afraid to light it. I had a lot of good reason to be cautious. I just want you to have a big dose of respect for an acetylene cutting torch setup because it is the most dangerous piece of equipment in your shop.

You can do so much with a cutting torch like bend metal, cut metal, cut shapes, and even do oxy acetylene welding.

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To start with I want to talk about the oxygen cylinder and regulator in the picture. The oxygen cylinder is the one on the right. NEVER clean any of your connections with oil or grease!

If you want to clean your regulator or the connections then use a soapy water mixture. There is not just acetylene gas inside this cylinder. There is also acetone inside that acts as a stabilizer for the acetylene, and when the cylinder is upright the acetone sinks to the bottom.

Cutting Torch Tips

This is important, especially for the oxygen cylinder since it is a high pressure cylinder. Oxygen comes from the supplier at a pressure of PSI. If you drop that cylinder and knock off the valve then all of that pressure will be shooting out of a hole the size of a nickel.

Have you seen the Hunt For Red October? On the working pressure side of the acetylene regulator you can see a red marker telling you note to go past 15 PSI. This is because when you start drawing that amount of acetylene out the gases in the bottle can become unstable. You can use soapy water and just put it on all the connections from the regulator to the torch, and if you see bubbles then you know you have a leak.

All you do is go from connection to connection and squeeze a little liquid out and when it bubbles then you know you need to tighten the connection. This can cause problems down the road. So, just crack open the cylinders slowly until a little gas comes out and then close it. This will blow out any contaminants that might be in the valve. Like I said before, there is over psi of pressure in an oxygen cylinder, so make sure you open it slowly. Next you need to tighten down on your regulator so you can get the working pressure where you want it.

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To have fun! Remember that before you light your torch you need eye protection because the flame is too bright to see with your eyes. When you light the acetylene flame you will see an orange flame. You will also see a good amount of black smoke produced from the acetylene flame. You want to reduce this black smoke as much as possible, so turn up the acetylene flame enough so that a good amount of the black smoke goes away. Once the acetylene flame has been lit you can introduce the oxygen.

When you turn on the oxygen you will see two distinct flames. One is a lighter outer flame, and the other is a much brighter inner flame that looks like a cone. What you need to do is turn on the oxygen enough so that that cone goes all the way back to the tip of the torch.

I'm the owner of MakeMoneyWelding.Order by:.

acetylene cutting torch tips

Available to:. This tip worked great the last time I used it. But it's been sitting in my toolbox Acetylene Torch Replacement Tip style 98 No.

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Markings on tips are HY.

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Please feel free to ask. Thanks for your interest! Acetylene Torch Lot! Very Nice Bargain!Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Acetylene torch tips with Propane? Posts Latest Activity.

acetylene cutting torch tips

Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Well, I finally got my torch outfit up and running today, using propane for fuel. I've got an Oxweld torch with a Style tip So, mail order it is! But, you know how it is with a new toy I couldn't wait to get a propane tip for the torch, so I fired it up with the 6 acetylene tip. I set the fuel at 5 lbs and the O2 at Is it safe to use the acetylene tip with Propane?

Other than being slightly harder to light than acetylene, and having slightly longer flames, it seems to work fine!! You guys are right, it does take a little more preheat than acetylene, but not much! Is it worth it to buy a propane tip when the acetylene tip seems to work fine?

Tags: None. Propane torches have different mixers, tips, and hoses. I don't know of the oxweld torch that you have since I'm too lazy right now to find a catalog but you MUST use propane hoses if propane is the fuel, otherwise the propane will degrade the hose, get a leak, and then you'll have flamey flamey in places you don't want to burny burny.

How to Do Oxy-Fuel Cutting: Best Practices, Tips and Tricks

You should also be using the correct propane regulator, mixers, and tips. Yes you can make a flame come out the end with an acetylene tip. Is it wise, no. Is it smart, no. Why risk safety for a few fleating moments of flamey pleasure?

A gas torch is designed to work as a complete system--both for it's best cutting performance AND your safety. Comment Post Cancel. Your torch is designed to operate efficiently with the size orfice needed for the specific fuel gas you use. I think you need a style tip for the Oxweld for propane. Like dseman said, be sure you are using "T" grade hose not "R" for propane.

Be safe.


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