Landmaschinen tu dresden

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Landmaschinen tu dresden

Drug repositioning applies known drugs to new indications. The most prominent example is Viagra, originally tested against heart disease. Less known, but equally striking, is the antiviral herpes treatment BVDU, which has a positive effect in cancer.

In the past, we established that BVDU exerts its anti-cancer effect by inhibiting the chaperone heat shock protein 27, which is over expressed in many cancers and involved in apoptosis. HSP27 is an attractive anti-cancer target, as its inhibition suppresses resistance development against chemotherapy.

To identify novel HSP27 inhibitors, we developed screening algorithms, which identify remotely similar binding sites across evolutionary unrelated target proteins. We screen the entire known structural proteome and predicted and experimentally validated novel HSP27 inhibitors.

We are currently testing the compounds in vivo. Generally, the avalanche of publicly available data on compounds, genes, proteins, and diseases and their relationships creates a tremendous need for computational approaches to organize and analyze this data.

In my group we are specifically focusing on developing algorithms and analysis pipelines using protein structures and sequencing data. We currently focus on cancer as application, where we have a wealth of experimental data from collaborations with medical groups. The Protein-Ligand Interaction Profiler PLIP is a web service and command line tool for fully automated characterization of non-covalent interactions between proteins and ligands in 3D structures.

MetaPocket 2. Oberwiesentahl Group retreat Sebastian Salentin. Summa cum laude. Norhan Mahfouz. Quantifying the antibiotic resistance potential of wastewater E. Sainitin Donakonda. Prediction and validation of novel compounds binding the cancer target HSPB1. Maria Kissa. Cassandra: drug gene association prediction via text mining and ontologies. Eleni Christodoulou. Simone Daminelli. Drug repositioning with incomplete bi-cliques and structural bioinformatics.

Joachim Haupt. Protein binding site similarity as driver for drug repositioning. Janine Roy. From correlation to causality: Outcome prediction in cancer.

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Daniel Eisinger. Rainer Winnenburg. Mutations and their role in protein interactions and diseases: Computational methods for automated retrieval, analysis, and application. Conrad Plake.

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Gene annotation by automated literature analysis with an application to drug-target interaction prediction. Loic Royer. Unravelling the structure and assessing the quality of protein networks with power graphs.Um den steigenden Bedarf an solchen optoelektronischen Bauteilen zu decken, sucht die Industrie nach neuen Halbleitermaterialien.

Digital cameras as well as many other electronic devices need light-sensitive sensors. In order to cater for the increasing demand for optoelectronic components of this kind, industry is searching for new semiconductor materials. They are not only supposed to cover a broad range of wavelengths but should also be inexpensive.

In starker Gemeinschaft die Welt mitgestalten – an der Fakultät Informatik der TU Dresden

A hybrid material, developed in Dresden, fulfils both these requirements. The development of the first high-repetition-rate laser source that produces coherent soft x-rays spanning the entire 'water window' heralds the beginning of a new generation of attosecond technology. The ability to generate light pulses of sub-femtosecond duration, first demonstrated some 20 years ago, has given rise to an entirely new field: attosecond Dieser Bautypus soll jetzt eine weiter vereinfachte Architektur bekommen und dadurch noch leichter Juni statt.

landmaschinen tu dresden

Breites Spektrum: Neuartiges Hybridmaterial erweist sich als effizienter Fotodetektor. Bayreuther Genetiker entdecken Regulationsmechanismus der Chromosomen-Vererbung. Um den weltweit gestiegenen Nahrungsmittelbedarf langfristig zu decken, ist eine Effizienzsteigerung der mobilen Landmaschinen notwendig.

Im Focus: Broad spectrum: Novel hybrid material proves an efficient photodetector Digital cameras as well as many other electronic devices need light-sensitive sensors. Im Focus: X-ray vision through the water window The development of the first high-repetition-rate laser source that produces coherent soft x-rays spanning the entire 'water window' heralds the beginning of a new generation of attosecond technology.

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landmaschinen tu dresden

Weitere B2B-VideoLinks. Sensationelle Bohrtiefe von 2.Roboter vs. Herlitzius weiter. Perspektivisch soll das 1,5 Tonnen schwere Vehikel sogar in der Lage sein, zwischen gesunden und kranken Pflanzen zu unterscheiden. Eine Dresdner Erfindung wurde bereits zur Serienreife gebracht. Noch mehr allerdings wiegt die psychische Belastung auch durch die intensive mediale Berichterstattung. Werden wir das schaffen? Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Brodermann,Es ist nunmehr eine Woche her, dass ich als erster Corona-patient aus dem Cottbuser Carl-Thiem-Klinikum wiedergenesen entlassen werden konnte.

Michael Prediger, seinem Stationsteam sowie bei Ihnen ganz herzlich bedanken.

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Mein Aufenthalt im Carl-Thiem-Klinikum vom Am Ich war froh. Ich war der erste, der auf diesem Wege die Schleusung insKlinikum erfuhr. Zehn Tage, das ist doch eine sehr lange Zeit, aber irgendwieempfindet man das gar nicht so lang.

Und dann dieMahlzeiten, die sind ebenfalls Aufgabe und Zeitvertreib und willkommeneAbwechslung. Und sie sind wirklich gut. So, und in der restlichenZeit bin ich froh, dass es diesen kleinen niedlichen Fernseher gibt.

landmaschinen tu dresden

Herr Dr. Artikel kommentieren.

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Kommentar Abschicken. Weitere Nachrichten aus Dresden. Das Lachen nicht vergessen Niesky. Genesene CovidPatienten bedanken sich Cottbus.Matrix is a free and open, secure, decentralised protocol for real-time communication, known also by name of one of its clients, Riot. The TII-working group has been working on providing a fully functional, federated matrix installation. During the last weeks, we have added an instance of the Riot web client which is running to our satisfaction.

Thus, there is no need to use the riot. We plan to continue providing this service on a best-effort basis until an university-wide matrix-server has been set up. Collaborations between Higher Education Institutions HEI as well as other institutions often connect over institutional boundaries, and therefore their isolated servers, firewalls etc. Most modern communication tools such as Mattermost allow interaction for users only on that specific server.

Like E-Mail — where all institutions have their own server, yet nevertheless are able to communicate with each other — the Matrix protocol provides open federation - meaning that anyone on the internet can join into the Matrix ecosystem by deploying their own server. This would not be possible with e. In future, there will be a server set up under the domain matrix. Further resources: More detailed Introduction and Definition List for unknown terms.

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There are several possibilities to register for a matrix account. This account should always has the following structure within the professional usage context:.

The process of using our homeserver has become much easier due to us providing a custom riot installation under the same URL. To connect to the Matrix federation, you can also use a clientinstalled on your computer or phone. There are several clients with slightly different features available for the Matrix protocol.

For most users, the free and open client Riot seems to be the perfect choice for now with the availability of versions for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. You can install Riot for Android either from the Google Play Store or, if you want to avoid using something from Google install Riot from F-Droidthe free and open application manager for Android.

For the F-Droid way, open a browser on your mobile phone and enter the domain f-droid. After installing F-Droid you can update the sources, look for Riot and install it. To get started using Matrix without Riot, pick another client. Matrix is also open source, meaning that the source code of the reference servers, clients and services have been released to the public domain under the Apache Licence v2, to encourage anyone and everyone to run their own servers and clients.

Please make sure that everybody is recognizeable via a First Name and Last Name. If not, just ask the people. In most cases, they just forgot about changing the name and profile picture.

You have to get your things done and cannot be disturbed by Matrix. Please learn how to gradually adjust Notifications. If you write an application for a research project and the deadline approaches soon, you may want to get alerted if your colleagues start a discussion with you.

If you are in a room with the main purpose to inform about new papers and other interesting stuff, you may turn off Notifications and remember yourself to enter the room from time to time.

We will keep updating this page according to the developments. Menu Tool-Collection. Matrix Matrix is a free and open, secure, decentralised protocol for real-time communication, known also by name of one of its clients, Riot.

Table of Contents matrix. How to register a matrix account? This account should always has the following structure within the professional usage context: firstname.

Go to our matrix entry pageregister for an account and sign in. You will receive a line asking for anonymous data transferred to improve the software. From a client To connect to the Matrix federation, you can also use a clientinstalled on your computer or phone.Register now and view Dr Christian Stentzel's full profile:.

First name. Last name. Register for free or log in now. XING — For a better working life. Log in to XING to view this profile image. Dr Christian Stentzel. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Full-time employee in Dresden Dresden.

Sc code of laws title 44

The company name is only visible to logged-in members. View entire profile View entire profile. Dr Christian Stentzel's professional experience 8 years.

This company name is only visible to logged-in members. Linde Material Handling GmbH. Only logged-in members can view all of the career entries. Dr Christian Stentzel's educational background. Entwicklung eines wartungsfreien und reinelastisch beanspruchten Gleitlagers auf Basis keramischer Werkstoffe. Dr Christian Stentzel speaks the following languages: German First language. English Good knowledge. Jan Wegner Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter. Dr Fabian Stremmel Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter.

Julia Wolf Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin. Alina Hoffmann Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter. Mohamed Ichaoui Maschinenbau.

Henrik Wortmann Automatisierung. Search the XING member directory: translation missing: en.Experten und Spezialisten aus dem Bereich der Agrartechnik sowie Vertreter aus Forschung und Wissenschaft sind aufgerufen, ihre Vortragsangebote bis zum April einzureichen.

Die Tagungssprache ist Englisch. Mehr als Vertreter aus Industrie und Wissenschaft, aus Verwaltung und landwirtschaftlicher Praxis sind ihr eng verbunden. Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e. Doch am Die Welt nach Corona wird eine andere sein. Was kann man bereits jetzt tun, um die Zukunft positiv zu gestalten? Um Antworten auf diese Fragen geht Read more….

Die November in Dresden statt. Bereits am Vortag, dem 2. Zu dieser Auftaktveranstaltung stellen die Mitarbeiter des Instituts ihre Forschungsprojekte vor. Die Nutzung von hier archivierten Informationen zur Eigeninformation und redaktionellen Weiterverarbeitung ist in der Regel kostenfrei.

Kategorien: Events. Tags: agrartechnik call center congress digitalisierung dresden eyth landtechnik mail max messe professur tagung vdi wissensforum. April Die Welt nach Corona wird eine andere sein. OK Weiterlesen.Thomas Herlitzius. Show map of this location. Mr Daniel Almai. Professur Agrarsystemtechnik.

Mr Dipl. Frank Apitz. Mr Steffen Braune. Mr Johannes Drieschner. Mr Dr.

Martin Richenhagen

Marvin Elz. Jens Fehrmann. Siegfried Firus. Martin Hengst. Mario Henke. FH Mario Herrera.

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Mr Uwe Holfert. Roman Kahle. Christian Korn. Ms Dipl. Mirko Lindner. Matthias Marsel. Mr Orlando Morales. Samuel Pantke. Andreas Porsche. Satyam Raikwar. BA Antonia Rickert. Mr Gunther Rost. Lars-Peter Schulze. Stefan Schwede. Benjamin Striller. Jens Teichmann. Skip to main navigation. Skip to secondary navigation. Skip to search. Skip to content. Info This document is not available in the language you requested.


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