Steam doesn t realize game is installed

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Steam doesn t realize game is installed

Games that were previously installed and playable are appearing as not installed in my Steam library. What can be done to cause Steam to recognize the installed game files again? Games may appear uninstalled when Steam no longer recognizes the installation files.


As long as the game folders are still in the proper location, attempting to launch a game will prompt a download. This will allow Steam to recognize the installation files during the download process. You can ensure that the game folders are in the proper location by navigating to your default Steam installation:.

If you had previously installed the games to an alternate location outside of your main Steam folder please try the following:. Once you have added the new Library folder your installed games should appear in your Steam Library.

If Steam does not recognize your games after completing the instructions that are listed above, it is recommended that you completely reinstall the games in question.

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External hard drives are not recommended for use with Steam or Steam's games. Aside from many potential performance issues, external hard drives may connect or disconnect from the computer at inopportune times as part of their normal operations. If you encounter this issue with an external drive, install Steam and your games to an internal drive instead.

To ensure that you do not encounter this issue, always allow Steam to close properly when shutting down your computer. Allowing Windows to force Steam to close when it is writing to a hard drive may cause Steam library and installation information to become corrupted. Additionally, third party applications can prevent Steam from writing essential information. Ensure that none of your installed applications are interfering with Steam:. Programs which may interfere with Steam.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. It should be possible to use the existing installation to avoid the generally big downloads. This is very useful as it saves both bandwidth and time. Since this folder would be created on starting the download, pausing and closing steam, copying the game files to this folder and then validating game files would make Steam absorb as much as possible and just download the missing files. So first of all, what the final folder would be is not clear. So what would be the correct way of doing the same thing, that is, make steam use as much of the existing files as possible?

Now I tried both of the above things, in either case, the validating does not seem to do anything. Also now steam let you choose where download games; i hove NOT tested cross-gaming using the same folder on windows and linuxbut just relinked my folder somehow steam lost track of my external HDD and everythings work fine.

If you Start up steam without external HDD, a reboot of steam is needed to let it "see" the folder. At this point games will not work. This will make your Steam recognize your games For each game there is one manifest. This solution should work if the game is displaying in the library folder in Steam with the words 'update required' written next to it but the game won't recognize the existing game files on the hard drive.

So this is why this is important. Go to your Steam library and right click on the game that is causing the issue and then click "delete local content". This will delete the game file from the Steam library and from the Steam directory on the hard drive. Finally open Steam, the game title should now be grey-ed out in the Steam library and when you right click on it, it should say "install game Now it should work.

If so congratulations! If it did work for you please leave a comment so i can be sure this is a solution that others can use. Click install and you are all ready to go.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to get Steam to recognize existing game files from a different source? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. Viewed k times.

Chris 9 9 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. I think your best bet would be to find someone who has it on Steam on here and work with them to check the file structure. Steam may arrange the files differently, which would cause it not to detect your files. Related: How to get steam to recognize game files downloaded on another machine?

Active Oldest Votes. I think the following is the correct way to currently do what I wanted: Ensure that Steam thinks the game is not installed. Close Steam just to be sure.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Jon View Profile View Posts. But it totally is. I can even load the game outside of steam. Here's what's going on. My PC blue screened out of nowhere and when I rebooted, steam wouldn't launch.

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So I ran the installer and repaired steam and then it opened no problem. But my games were gone. This is how it's always been and it's always worked just fine. I set my library folders how they were before and all my games were in my library instantly. All except Left 4 Dead 2.

It says I have to reinstall it. So, I made a new library folder and moved my L4D2 folder into it and it's still not showing up in my library on steam. Last ditch attempt I click on download and it won't let me put it on my HDD. There's no drop down and it goes by default to my SSD. I do not want it on my SSD because there's only about 10gig of free space left on there and L4D2 would take 7 of them.

I don't mind downloading again, but only if I can get it to go to HDD, but there's no dropdown to change destination when I click install. Anyone else have any ideas? I'm tapped out and I want to kill some zombies. Last edited by Jon ; 10 Jun, pm. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments.

What to do if Steam doesn’t recognize installed games?

Someone's got to at least be having the same problem Seems like a lot of people are having a lot of issues today. Until next time I launched Steam. Last edited by David Sarif ; 11 Jun, am.

steam doesn t realize game is installed

And I just noticed that it also says Portal is not installed, but it is on my pc. Same deal - when I hit install it won't let me put it on my HDD. Thanks for the help though. Any suggestions are welcome.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. In my games list, all of my steam games are listed - but their all greyed out, and instead of being able to "play" them, I'm only given the option to "Install" each of them.

But their already installed! They are all still present on my hard drive, and I've tried starting a couple of them directly by just using the game exe file and they seem to work fine. The only problem is that I can't access them through steam. I don't want to have to reinstall them all again - it's over GB of data I'd have to download. Is there any way I can simply get steam to recognize that the games are already installed?

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Problem Solved! Thank you so much!

steam doesn t realize game is installed

You've saved me countless hours of needless downloading. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 31 Aug, pm. Posts: 2. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Steam allows you to manage all your games from one place. However, it happens that Steam may stop recognizing all or one of the installed games on your system.

The problem can also occur if you decide to clean install the Windows and took a backup of Steam app folder containing your game files and other data.

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Moved it back to the Steam installation folder only to have Steam to re-download all the game data back again. If you are in a similar situation, here is how to trick Steam into recognizing previously downloaded data.

If the Steam fails to recognize any of the installed games, it will show you an option to install the game all again. If you have the game data in the Steam apps folder, then you can force Steam to recognize the games by initiating the installation of the game. Steam by default stores the game data in Steamapps folder in the installation disk.

If you had a custom location where the game data was stored, you could try to add the location in the Steam app to fix this issue. Here is how to do it. If your main drive steam default installation location does not have enough space to install all the games, you can move the game data to a new hard drive and then add the Game Library Folder manually in the Steam app. Exit Steam and relaunch it.

Steam will scan the newly selected Library folder and show all the games as installed. If you have taken the Steamapps folder backup with all the game data, you can use the Steam cache files to force Steam to recognize the installed games from the game data. If everything goes right, all the games that you had previously installed will appear as installed.

If an update is required, proceed with it. Steam Guides. Load comments.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I uninstalled and re-installed steam. I didn't uninstall my games, and they still exist on my hard drive I checked. How to I let steam know the programs are installed there? There is now an official support article at support. Steam should then be able to find the installed games again. Yes, just click install and this will happen:.

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After this it either installs the files or just does nothing. I had the same problem but I think it got patched by Valve a while ago.

steam doesn t realize game is installed

I know this is an old question with old answers, but I came across it when I made the mistake of backing up only my. None of the easy methods worked for me, and faced with the task of manually clicking through the install dialogue and waiting for it to discover existing files times over, I wrote a PowerShell script to do it for me. Once the games are in place, in the Steam client open the Steam menu top left corner and select Settings.

Open the "Downloads" section and at the very top, the first setting is named Content Libraries with a button Steam Library Folders. Click the button to open Steam Library Folders. Exit Steam and then run it again. As soon as it opens, all the games that it finds in the library folder will be shown in White color as if they were already installed.

Run Steam, and all the game names listed in your library will be in White color as if they were installed. When you run the games, Steam will run the DirectX prerequisite installs if neeeded just like it had done on the old computer. Method 3: Copying a single game from one PC to the other Steam can be left running. The game will still be listed in gray not installed in Steam. Click Install Game. Steam will displayed the message "Discovering existing files for xxx" and after a few seconds it will show the Play Game window.

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